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Help, this isn't how I'm used to ordering!


We've changed around the menu and we are very excited to show off the new ways we can help feed you each week!​

  • Our entrees now come in two sizes, 'small' and 'large'

    • Small- Our small entree serves one and is perfect for lunch. This portion is smaller than our previous entree size but it still packs in all the great flavor!

    • Large- Our large serves one to two and is comparable to our previous entrees as a "dinner-sized" portion of food!

  • Each month we will keep two entrees on the menu as Monthly Specials. These dishes are client favorites and you can enjoy them all month long. Be sure to check out this month's specials, spaghetti and meatballs, and lemon herb chicken.

  • We now offer pickup options on Monday night between 5-7PM. 

    • University: 9545 Pinnacle Dr. Charlotte, NC 28262

    • Mint Hill: 4326 Woodland Ave., Mint Hill, NC 28227

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