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How Meal Delivery Works

Check Out Our Menu

Each week we will have a new menu available from which to order. This ensures a diverse choice of food selections. Our dishes are allergen friendly and look for the following tags: GF- Gluten Free SF- Soy Free DF- Dairy Free EF- Egg Free NF- Nut Free, SHELL- Contains Shellfish SESAME- Contains Sesame. Some of the dishes will also have your choice of sides. These sides will also change from week to week and can be purchased separately from entrees as well. Select the number of portions you want. A small portion is a 'lunch sized' portion, while a large is a 'dinner size'. Each person is different, so we encourage you try at least one of each size on your first order to see what works best for your household.

Finalize Your Order

Go through our simple and secure payment process. All deliveries will be processed for the delivery date listed on the menu. Remember to leave a cell number to enroll in our SMS notification system so you can get a text when your order is delivered.

Let Us Do The Work!

We cook your food! Our food is freshly prepared for your delivery by our wonderful kitchen team. We cook everything to the finest standards from kitchens around the world, utilizing local ingredients to prepare globally inspired cuisine.

We Bring It to you!

Our deliveries are made every Monday afternoon between 12:00 pm- 5:30. Our delivery text system will alert you when we are in your area, with an estimated delivery time and another text when we are arriving at your door. You DO NOT need to be home to receive our delivery. We take special care to ensure your food is safely and coolly transported to you! Your food goes straight from our refrigerators into coolers and highly insulated bags.  


Because of our priority for your food safety, there are several options for receiving deliveries when you are not home:


1) You can purchase our Delivery Bag Service from our menu. We will leave your food outside your door in an insulated bag with ice packs. For each week that you order, we ask that you freeze the ice packs and leave them outside with your bag. We will place your food in the bag and it is safe for hours! If you choose to stop ordering with us, the bag remaining at your home is yours to keep.

2) Leave out a cooler and ice packs for us, and we will fill it with your food! The cooler needs to be large enough to receive our containers which are approximately 9” by 7” each.


3) Purchase a one-use delivery bag on our delivery option selection.

In addition, we also offer FREE pickup at one location from 5-7 PM on Monday. Swing by and pick up your food on your way home!

- Mint Hill: 4412 Woodland Avenue Mint Hill, NC 28227


Follow our cooking instructions and enjoy dinner prepared in minutes, with no cleanup afterward.

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