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a la minute ( a la min-oot)- French, for "in a minute". However, restaurants all over the world have taken this phrase and used it for another purpose. If you see a la minute on a menu or if you hear a server refer to this, it means "cooked to order". The dish is actually prepared as you order it. Well, we have taken another spin at "a la minute". Once you receive our meals from the meal delivery service you will truly be cooking "a la minute" because all of meals are heated to your convenience, whenever you want. No longer are you troubled with the prospect of cooking dinner and the clean up afterwards. We know that our service will save you hours, not minutes, each week in the thought, shopping, preparation, execution, and cleanup of dinner. 

Chef Dan McHugh, Owner and Executive Chef

Chef Dan McHugh started his journey in the culinary world helping in the kitchen when his parents hosted holiday celebrations for several friends and family who had nowhere to go. You could expect the family dinner table extending far enough to seat as many as 40 people who became friends by the end of each meal with enough laughs to last until next time.


While studying business and finance at Appalachian State University, Chef Dan worked in the kitchens of local restaurants, learning various cuisine and cooking styles of the High Country, but it  wasn't until coming back to Queen City when he realized cooking was his passion, and went on to study culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University.  


Chef Dan has had the pleasure to work under some of the South's best names in catering, fine dining, and personal chef services, curating his repertoire with classic elements infused with resourceful local inspiration. Surrounded by family members with autoimmune diseases, Chef Dan has curated several gluten free and allergen free dishes, which puts the conscious eater's mind at ease. With a passion for food that can be found in the flavors of each dish uniquely prepared,  Chef Dan creates simple pleasures for any palette with a delicious southern touch.  


When not in the kitchen, Chef Dan can be found cheering on the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and other Charlotte area sports entertainment. His wife, Amanda, has a limitless sense of wanderlust, and has experienced the finest dining of several American and international cultures, bringing home new ideas for Chef Dan after each adventure. They share a love for entertaining, road trips, competitive card games, and their two crazy cats, Nahla and Winston Bishop. 

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