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Marlie Q's

Founded in 2015, MarlieQ’s is a local food truck and catering company that serves well seasoned and good to the bone Caribbean Soul Food guaranteed to make your tastebuds do the happy dance. Moving through the Charlotte area in their “Big Blue Truck” MarlieQ’s specializes in Jamaican cuisine serving one-of-a-kind cuisines such as jerk chicken, oxtails, curry chicken, and much more! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @MarlieQs or email for more information about their upcoming events and where to find them at

Chef Janizel Espinosa, Ricoqui Plant Based Street Food

Ricoqui is a Charlotte based food truck that offers delicious plant-based street food with Puerto Rican and Latin American influences. Vegan food so incredible you won't notice the difference and will leave you wanting more! To try their famous empanadillas and to know where they will be next follow them on Instagram @RicoQui2020 and Facebook @RiCoQuifood  or email them at 


Fresh n' Fit


Fresh n’ fit food therapy is a local gourmet meal prep and catering company that provides an array of fresh, healthy, and delicious cuisine. Fresh n’ fit delivers heavenly portions of  Italian, Mexican, Caribbean, and more right to your doorstep with a new menu each week. Good food you don't have to feel guilty about! To learn more about their weekly menu and what great services they offer you can view their FB page , follow them on Instagram @Freshnfitnc or email them directly at

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